Coaching & Coaching Cohorts


Join a Coaching Cohort! 

GEM Coaching is a great way for you and your team to understand and implement the GEM in your church.  Whether you an Elder, Pastor, Deacon, or Member, you are welcome to join a coaching cohort. 

Coaching Cohorts meet over the web for ninety minutes each month over the course of eight months.  The coaching calls will walk you through the GEM and help you learn how to Engage the Church through the 9 Steps.  Each call will consist of sixty minutes of teaching, followed by thirty minutes of round table discussions and questions.

Coaching also includes one thirty minute ‘one on one’ coaching session per month.  This personal call will help you with the specific implementation of the GEM in your context.

Coaching Cohorts cost $150 per month for the first person on your team, and $100 for every additional team member who joins the call (same church or organization only).

Coaching Cohorts start every two months, and do not meet in June or December.